Sambo Metals identifies its packaging method by the following:


  • Peeled packing

  • Seaworthy plastic packing

  • Wooden box or wooden palettes packing (per customer demand)

  • Special packing can be used (per customer demand)



Every measurement is bundled in approximately 2 M/ton bundle, 

oiled, wrapped with stripes and has a label on which is stated:



  • Customer name

  • Purchase order number (P.O nr.)

  • Bundle weight

  • Bar diameter

  • Bar length

  • Bar profile

  • Steel grade

  • Made in Egypt

  • Manufactured by Sambo Metals



Sambo Metals is aware of the importance of providing good service and maximum quality of products to its clients.


The company strives to make improvements in the quality and standardization of its products; therefore it maintains a strict quality control system for its production lines. 


The quality control department is in charge of the quality assurance of the products at each production phase. 


Each bar goes thorough examination to detect any defects regarding its surface, measurement, tolerance, which should comply with the requested standard. 

Sambo metals also have their own "ARL™ 3460 Optical Emission Spectrometer" for complete chemical analysis of the steel grade.