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Sambo Metals, a family-owned business, is the center of excellence for the production of
high-quality bright steel bars used in various business sectors such as the automotive industry, the machinery, and the equipment sectors, etc. 
Interacting throughout the entire value chain means that we manufacture our products accurately to the requirements of our customers, allowing us to play our important role in their market success. To know more about our production lines and steel grades, click here

Sambo Metals specializes in Carbon Steel, Free Cutting Steel, Alloy Steel and Spring Steel.

Our products are used in: 

  • Aviation "Aircrafts"

  • Textile machinery

  • Elevator parts

  • Military Weapons

  • Automotive (cars, trains, metros, buses)

  • Gears (Gearbox of machines)

  • Electrical switches

  • Heavy trucks

  • Gas valves